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Enterprise Voice

Enterprise Voice



Committed to meeting the increasingly complex requirements of a dynamic business environment, Mediaring is relentless in our efforts to help our discerning corporate users achieve significant international call savings. To this end, Mediaring believes in making the necessary investments, including some of the most advanced fault monitoring, tracking and rectification systems in the world, so that our customers are assured of service reliability and availability.

Delivered through our extensive global carrier network encompassing more than 240 countries, Mediaring ensures that only the best call quality gets through to our customers, and at the most affordable rates.

Enjoy up to 80% on IDD call charges!

Benefits of Mediaring IDD 1551 Service:

Savings from 6-Second Charge Blocks -
Call charges are computed at 6-second charge blocks, so that there is no wastage as with minute-based charging.

Cost-Effective Call Routing -
Using the Least Cost Routing methodology, Mediaring IDD 1551 ensures your calls are carried through the most cost-effective carrier network so that call quality is not compromised even as we keep our charges low for you.

Premium Call Quality -
Mediaring IDD 1551 employs high quality circuit-switched technology for superior call clarity and faster connection.

No Need for User Retraining -
With Mediaring IDD 1551 PABX Programming there is no need for users to change their existing dialing habits. All IDD calls will be automatically routed via Mediaring IDD 1551 network regardless of the international access code dialed. Thus, there is no need to spend time in retraining users while call savings can be achieved immediately.

Cost Control through Online Billing -
Gain immediate access to past and current billing statements through the Mediaring IDD 1551 online billing portal at This allows you to monitor your international call expenses easily and implement prompt cost control measures when necessary.

Secured Access for Authorized Usage -
Secured access through the use of PIN (Personal Identification Number) not only ensures authorized usage but also allows for the convenience of international calls to be made from any telephone in Singapore.

No Hidden Costs -
We charge no upfront registration fees, service activation fees or recurring subscription fees.

Calling pattern -

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Introduction to MobileRoamPlus

What is CallBack
  • Enable user to make CallBack call, from any local or foreign GSM/Landline number or Mobile Application, to any world-wide destination
  • Number to CallBack to can be changed anytime, via MobileRoamPlus web portal
  • Low charges compared to making IDD call or local call via the local or foreign GSM network provider
What is CallForward
  • Enable reachability of user's local GSM number when user travels to overseas and avoids high roaming charges for incoming call
  • Incoming calls to user's local GSM number will be diverted to the user's foreign GSM number
  • Number to CallForward to can be changed anytime, via MobileRoamPlus web portal
  • Charges based on Mediaring competitive rates which is low compared to roaming charge incurred for receiving incoming calls on local GSM number when user is overseas
Value Added Features
  • Real Time Usage History accessible from MobileRoamPlus web portal. Call Details Record of each call will be reflected within 5 seconds after the call is ended
  • Caller ID display choice for CallBack Service (only with both CallBack and CallForward subscriptions). User has the option to display either gNum Number (Singapore Level 3 number) or GSM/PSTN number as the Caller ID to be displayed at the callee's side
  • Voicemail leaving for gNum Number. This is applicable when both CallBack and CallForward are subscribed. Voicemail will be send to the registered email address
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Global Voice Solution

SEVAK Global Voice Solution is a comprehensive and cost effective business communications solution for multi location/national companies.

SEVAK Global Voice Solution is a hosted IP-PBX system where there is no need for companies to maintain their PBX system. Hence, it allows companies to easily integrate their existing voice infrastructure to SEVAK’s Global Voice Solution without immense investment costs. SEVAK VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gateways can be combined with traditional PBX functionality, enabling businesses to use their analog phones to make VoIP calls. This helps to reduce long distance expenses and enjoy the benefits of a single network for voice and data. SEVAK will manage the call setup and ensure that call quality is good at all times. Call features can be customized as per customers' request.

SEVAK Global Voice Solution significantly reduces the total international call charges while providing high quality yet cost effective means communication.

  • Cost Effective Rates – Companies can enjoy unlimited intra-company (on-net) calls for a fixed monthly fee using IP Phones. Calls to external parties on public telephone networks are pay-per-use at SEVAK’s highly competitive call rates
  • SEVAK Global Voice Solution is well-suited for most multi-location enterprises, regardless of the type of industry, size and footprint. Our service nodes have been successfully deployed in over 100 customer sites worldwide, where the number of employees range from 50 to more than 1000
  • IP Phones in SEVAK Global Voice Solution can be assigned a DID (Direct Inward Dial) number so that they can be reached from a public telephone network

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